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home tutors in south

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Geometric series introduction in a very simple wal by http://ibelitetutor.comib elite tutor
Lecture method may work very well for some subjects but not all the time in a Mathematics classes.
Engaging students by constantly asking them some questions is a nice method but only when the explanation and the questions are Mathematical. Reasoning and justifying are good habits of mind but they are only productive if they are based on mathematical theories.Creating a productive classroom discussion is probably the most difficult part of Mathematics teaching. I suggest five methods for moving beyond Lecture methods in teaching Mathematics.
I have always tried to practice these methods in my own teaching whether with students or with teachers and I have found them very useful
1.Predict the Pupils’ Responses of Mathematics All the teachers should know about each and every student how he/she is going to react to the instructional tasks(s) that they are asked to work on.
Predicting students’ responses involves developing considerable expectations that what strategy wi…

Don't hate Maths-Love Maths

Don't hate Maths!!!
Love Maths!!!!

Qualities of Good IB Tutor

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an educational organization which works on non-profit principles, driven by its mission to create inquiring, knowledgeable and understanding young people who help in the creation of a better and calmer world through intercultural exchange and mutual respect. The organization has built a very good reputation for high quality and great standards in the arena of international education.They are working with a motto of creating world/international citizens.
Ib board, as well as their students, are working with a mindset that’s different from other educational systems. Therefore teachers teaching ib students or doing its tuitions or ib online tuitions should have a different approach and a few distinctive properties in themselves.
1. Knowledge -he should know what to deliver
2. Attitudes and Behaviour -he/she should be aware of how to act in context and why
3. Dispositions -he/she should be open to change according to given circumstances
4. Procedura…

Role Of Technology In Education

Role Of Technology In Education In the current world, technology plays a very big role. With every new day a new software, gadget or programe is introduced into the market that claims to improve our lives in one way or another.However, it is important to know that despite the fact that technology plays a vital role in making our lives comfortable, it isn’t the only role it has. Technology is growing its role in the education field also. The more technology advances, the more advantages it provides for students at every level. Technology in education: We can use a lot of tools in our classrooms to help our students understand what they are being taught. For example, projectors and screens can be used for the students who are visual learners. These projection screens connected to computers can be put in classrooms so that the students see their notes as and listen to the instructor teach altogether.There are a number of sites like ib elite tutor, ib fine educators etc that are providing onl…